We drew things and they became other things

Welcome. Happy Holiday Design came from an arts based action research project into how an art and design can be more inclusive.

A graphic artist and a Rocket artist explored together what practices and strategies need to be in place to support an artist with learning disabilities to engage with the design industry.

The artists were paid to develop two leaflet designs for Cupp, Community University Partnership Programme at the University of Brighton. The finished artwork for the covers are shown. They also worked at a desk space in Wall & Pleece, Design and Marketing and at the Rocket Artists studio, the Blue Room at Phoenix Arts, Brighton.

They enjoyed the process and the working relationship that evolved and they are keen to work on other creative briefs to expand this way of working.

Please get in touch with Jo on info@jooffer.co.uk if you would like to know more.

For more information about partners in the research project please visit the following links:

Community University Partnership Programme www.brighton.ac.uk/cupp/

Wall & Pleece Design and Marketing www.wallandpleece.co.uk/

Information about the Rocket Artists and examples of their artwork can be seen at www.rocketartists.co.uk/

Please visit www.arts.brighton.ac.uk/study/fine-art/maiap for information about MA Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton.


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